November 13

Welcome to Year 8 English!

Welcome to Year 8 English.

Here you will find some of the resources and activities we will be working through this year.  Resources for individual units of work can be found in the appropriate tab.   You may notice that there are many key words that are hyperlinked – if you are unsure of the word’s meaning, click on the link to view a definition.  Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate between different units of work.  Other resources, that will be used for a range of topics, can be found below.


Online Dictionary – check the spelling and meaning of words.

Online Thesaurus – make your writing more interesting by finding alternative words to use.

Twiducate – click on the link to access the Twiducate login screen.  Our class code is eng8f.  You will need to know your username to be able to access this site.  We will be using Twiducate to communicate ideas with each other in a secure space.

Inside a Dog website – All about books.  Write and read reviews on a range of books.  Find a book that YOU might be interested in reading.

English Games – click here to access a range of games designed to improve your English skills.

Word Cube Online Game – a game designed to help improve your spelling.

Random Name Picker – Used in class to randomly select student names.